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Featuring: BURKE 34

Released: 2013-03-23









Price: $ 39.60
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The best of the Burke wrestling women in twelve matches plus action from Japan. Cheryl Day vs Yvone Jennings. One of the rare times Cheryl does not win. Battle of the tall beauties Marlene vs Linda. Elaine Kay and muscular Sonya are barefoot in the ring. They clash to see who can wear the tiniest bikini and who is the best wrestler. Pretty Patti Steiger vs, Elaine Kay. The smaller Elaine gives as much as she takes. Evelia Perez vs. Marina Figueroa, Tomi Aoyma vs Yuki Urushibra wrestling at the Burke gym. These Japanese wrestlers are athletic and skilled and put on a n exciting even match until Tomi catches Yuki in a deadly swinging backbacker and submits her out. Jackie West takes on Sharon Lee. The girls wear attractive two piece suits and are barefoot. Jackie wears her down with a head scissor beats her down with slams and lays across her body to pin her down. Mildred?s granddaughter Wendy Burke in the blue outfit wrestles Marlene in the formfitting black. Five novice wrestlers, good looking young girls, compete in Battle Royal. Four matches from Japan. Long time rivals Casey Carr vs Cheryl Day. Twelve matches and two hours of wrestling. You will see a rare ceiling lifts hold, back breakers, headscissors, slams, airplane spins, as well as all the standard holds and throws.

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